What helmet size do I have?

When buying a helmet it is important to know the right helmet size.

Determining the helmet size is easy to do using a tape measuring tape. Keep the measuring tape above your eyebrows and ears around your head and measure the biggest outline at that place (see picture). Make sure that you measure at different heights (between 1.5 - 2.5 cm above the eyebrows) to determine the maximum outline of your head.

Look up the measured value in the table below and you know your helmet size.



Outline Helmet size
53-54 cm XS
55-56 cm S
57-58 cm M
59-60 cm L
61-62 cm XL
63-64 cm XXL
Outline Helmet size
49-50 cm YS
51-52 cm YM
53-54 cm YL
55-56 cm YXL
*Note: The sizes displayed in these charts are an indication. However, there is no guarantee that the helmet will fit. Keep in mind that there are no legal requirements with regard to the definition of sizes and that each person has his own shape. Every helmet manufacturer can determine their own sizes.