What do the codes in the description of tyres mean?

1. This is the width of the tyre in mm.
2. Aspect ratio, the sidewall height as a proportion of the tyre width
3. This is the diameter of the rim in inches.
4. Tyre is suitable for motorcycle use.
5. This is the load index capacity of the tyre 62=265kg (See more info below)
6. This is the speed rating of the tyre. H= 210km/h. (See more info below)
7. TT/TL (TT = used with inner tube. / TL = inner tube not used (tubeless))
8. M+S = Mud + Snow tyre
9. Direction of rotation for tyre, indicated by an arrow on the tyre sidewall

Load index:

This is a numerical code that indicates the maximum load that a tyre can carry at the speed indicated by its speed rating under the conditions of use specified by the manufacturer.
ie. A tyre with load index 53 can carry a weight of 206 kilograms.

Speed rating:

The speed rating code indicates the maximum speed at which a tyre can carry the load indicated by its load index under the conditions of use specified by the manufacturer.
A tyre with speed rating J is suitable to speeds up to 100 km/h.


The tyre also indicates whether it is to be used with or without an inner tube.TT stands for tube type and TL stands for tubeless. A TT tyre is mounted with inner tyre and a TL tyre can be mounted without one.There are also tyres that are suitable for both. Then it says TT / TL on the tyre sidewall.