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Find the authentic spare parts for your vintage Vespa in the Vespa Vintage Shop on EasyParts.

This section offers you spare parts for vintage Vespas. The spare parts available allow you to restore your old Vespa. Look no further for the correct spare parts, EasyParts has them all online.

Vespa Vintage accessories for your classic vehicle.

If you need a luggage rack, mirror, rim or a vehicle cover, we have them all. The Vespa accessories will give your vehicle a new look, for example with the rear rubber mudguards or the protection of the bodywork with frame strips for Vespas from the 40s or 50s, there are accessories for all kinds of models. We also offer license plate holders if the original one is damaged or missing.

The electric spare parts you cannot do without.

The ignition does not work or your battery is faulty, choose new spare parts to be able drive your vehicle because you have repaired the engine. Also check if the headlights are working, change the lens if necessary, we have all you are looking for. You will also need to review the sheaths and cables of your Vespa scooter. Is the brake switch perfect? Otherwise, replace it with a new switch that we often have in stock. Take a ride on your Vintage Vespa and check if the bulbs are working perfectly, if necessary we offer suitable bulbs.

The engine spare parts to fix your Vespa.

If you are looking for a new muffler for your scooter, you will find it on our site. Whether you own a Vespa PX125E, PX150 or a 200E, the exhausts are produced for your type of Vespa. Have a faulty clutch, you can also find the clutch plates on EasyParts. We also suggest connecting rod kits to replace the worn crankshaft. Bearing kits are essential spare parts as well. Order all engine spare parts to repair your classic scooter.

Other important spare parts are pieces of the bodywork.

Of course, restoring an old scooter also affects the bodywork. To restore the original appearance of your Vespa, check the glove compartments, fenders, handlebar covers or even the original badges. Your scooter will look like it came out of the factory right now, despite being vintage. Pamper your vehicle and feel the richness of owning a beautiful vintage Vespa.