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On the website of EasyParts you will come across the exclusive Novascoot shop. Here you can choose between batteries, protective covers, cables and engine parts. We put all items of our brand together. For maintenance products, locks and windbreaks you are also in the right place. Novascoot offers products that are qualitatively similar to Yuasa or Piaggio. Moreover, all products are attractively priced.

Cables Novascoot

This category offers the complete range of cables you will need. Whether it's a trottle cables, odometer cables or brake cables. You will find them all in this category. Under the product is indicated on which model scooter this cable fits. You can also turn on a filter on the main page. Here you can choose the brand, model and type of your scooter or moped. Everything on the website will be filtered for this model. At the cables only available products will be shown. The cables from Novascoot are an affordable alternative to the original cables. Quality and perfect fit are guaranteed by the use of materials of excellent quality and careful final inspection.

Maintenance Products Novascoot

In the Novascoot shop the maintenance products can't be missing. With the engine oil you can choose between 2-stroke or 4-stroke oil. Make sure you order the right oil. There is also a safety sheet under the product where you can find further information. Next to motor oil you will find penetrating oil and multisprays. This is useful if you need a good lube or to get something loose. For the appearance of the scooter we have several cleaners. You can choose a Foam Cleaner for the hoods or a Clear Sight Spray for the windscreen.

Brake Parts Novascoot 

Perhaps one of the most important parts in this category are the brake parts. Novascoot brake pads are manufactured in Italy. This guarantees an excellent price/quality ratio. The Sintered brake pads contain small bronze particles that provide better heat dissipation. During production, an extra hard material is created by means of special heating. This in turn benefits the quality of the brake pads. Some vehicle manufacturers use brake pads from different manufacturers. Always check in advance if you have the correct brake pads.

Windscreens Novascoot

Nowadays, windscreens are indispensable on scooters. The high windscreens are ideal to sit out of the wind and protect you during a rainstorm. Besides the standard clear windscreen, there is also a Smoke tint. This tint helps to keep the sun out more on summer days. Keep in mind that in the evening and night your vision will be reduced. Novascoot windscreens come with the mounting kit as well. With most models you can choose from a chrome or black mounting set. Don't forget to order the Clear Sight Spray to make sure your Novascoot windscreen stays clean and your vision optimal!