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Pression Regulator POLINI Yamaha T-Max 500i 4T

Pression Regulator POLINI Yamaha T-Max 500i 4T Logo Polini
Polini Part number: 173.0001
In stock
In stock
54,22 €

Throttle Body MALOSSI MHR Ø38 Yamaha T-Max 530i E3

Throttle Body MALOSSI MHR Ø38 Yamaha T-Max 530i E3 Logo Malossi MHR
Free shipping! (NL) Malossi Part number: 1616722
In stock
In stock
794,22 €

EasyParts also offers parts for injection.

Direct injection, for 2-stroke engines, appeared in the 2000s thanks to Piaggio and Peugeot. The injection plays a special role. The injection part is located at the inlet of the cylinder. The injector is used to pulverize the fuel under pressure.

Malossi injection.

The throttle body is a control system for the air supply and therefore important for combustion. The Malossi throttle body is strictly reserved for competitions, so it is essential to think before installing it on your maxi scooter. The throttle body is a complementary part of the injection system because it controls the air supply, the injection controls the fuel supply. The Malossi throttle body is designed for the Yamaha T-Max.

A pression regulator Polini for the injectionsystem.

The injection reduces the polluting emissions of the 2-stroke engine. The injection system also plays a role in fuel consumption, which is reduced. Polini proposes an article that is added to the injection, the pressure regulator. It is designed for theYamaha T-Max scooter. Thanks to Polini,the injection system achieves a higher fuel pressure than the original. If you have a T-Max, choose the configuration and add a pressure regulator.

Modern injection.

The carburetor is the precursor to injection. Previously, the engines were equipped with carburettors, but over time, environmentally conscious manufacturers have adapted. The environmental standards forced manufacturers to innovate and make injection engines. Injection or carburetor, it's up to you.