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Fasteners, useful parts for your workshop

EasyParts offers parts for scooters, maxi scooters, mopeds and motorcycles. When you assemble or disassemble your parts, you should always provide various fasteners. Fasteners include all mounting or clamping requirements and are very practical and for various purposes. It is important to check your workshop before making any repairs to your scooter. Also check the fasteners for this. When you prepare for various jobs, you will not be caught off guard if you run out of fasteners.

Fasteners, what are they?

The group of fasteners is a group of different parts for mounting and securing certain parts of your scooter or moped. The fasteners include bolts, washers, clamps, nuts, nylon cable ties and tape. The bolts are made of stainless steel or galvanized steel. The bolts are filtered under size M, the metric thread. The screws can be hexagonal or CHC. Rings include washers, spring lock washers, lock washers or even circlips. The nuts are made of brass, stainless steel or galvanized steel.

The practical fasteners assortment box

We have assortment boxes, for example from TNT, containing various fastening materials such as ISO screws, DIN screws, O-rings, Parker clips for bodywork, nuts, washers and many other small parts that are very functional. Assortment boxes for fasteners can contain 133 pieces to more than 1,000 pieces. Assortment boxes for fasteners are designed with dividers to keep each item sorted.

Fastening materials are also parkers and plate nuts

Every scooter, maxi scooter or motorcycle has body work. The body work is attached with screws or with parkers and plate nuts. Plate nuts are one of the items you should always have as a spare in your workshop. To fix various parts neatly and without scratches, the clip is an essential part. RMS offers fast lock bolts, parkers and plate nuts. Your range of fasteners is complete if you have these practical items in your workshop.